Unlike other segment of buses, School buses have a seasonal sale and is between Jan to April and May. School’s plan for additional buses, considering their expansion and new admissions. Ashok Leyland is now in the middle of a marathon of launching its school buses across India. Entire range of school buses including Dost Express, Mitr, Lynx Smart, Lynx Strong, Sunshine are launched in various cities across India. Around 14 locations including Bangalore, Kolkata, Salem, Patna, Bhubaneshwar are planned and many are completed.

Ashok Leyland School bus (3)

Many financiers, Customers are invited along with school children. Competitions are conducted for children and prizes are distributed immediately. Ashok Leyland has around 20% market share in the ICV passenger segment and is a strong contender in school bus segment as well. Sunshine which was actually launched last year as pilot in couple of locations and this year is now available pan India.

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