Ranchi, is one of richest regions in terms of natural resources which act as the fuel for any expanding economy. For this reason, Ranchi has a very important role to play in our nation’s growth. To complement this, Ashok Leyland, inaugurated the ‘Tipper Mela’ in Ranchi, Jharkhand, to showcase its entire range of tipper trucks. Known for its robustness and superior cost of ownership, the range of tipper trucks displayed are starting from Ecomet range at 4 cubic meters capacity right up to Captain range at 23 cubic meters capacity. This is for the first time that the entire range has been displayed under one roof in Ranchi by the Company. Depending on the type of model, prices range between Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs.
Growing Market share
Currently Ashok Leyland have 24% market share and the company aspires to become the market leader in the next 3 years. Its also to be noted that Ashok Leyland has increased its market share upto 5% and it wants to keep the momentum going. The Company claimed “Ashok Leyland vehicles very competitively priced and deliver industry-best value for its customers. It is equipped with the best in safety and technology. The latest in offering and developed in-house, the ‘i-Alert’ technology constantly monitors the health of the vehicle. Parameters include temperature of the engine, oil levels, air pressure levels, etc.”
All Ashok Leyland products are supported by ‘workshop on wheel’ where on-site support is provided for basic maintenance and repair for best-in-class up-time. The company also provides reconditioned engines which come with one year warranty. Instead of buying a whole new product, customers can replace their old engine with the reconditioned one.
For easy acquisition of Ashok Leyland products, the company has tied up many financial institutions and is also supported by two of the group companies – Indusind Bank and Hinduja Finance.
The list of Ashok Leyland products displayed are:
1.       Ecomet 1012 9.       Captain 2518iT
2.       Ecomet 1212 10.   Captain 2523 HR
3.       CT1616 – 10.5 11.   Captain 3123iT
4.       CT1616 – 8.5 12.   3118il T LA
5.       1618 XL/C 13.   3718il T
6.       2518il T 14.   2518 H3/4C
7.       U2518il T 15.   U2518 R/1
8.       U 2518 T/1 16.   Captain 49iT tip trailer

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