While BharatBenz buses are sold and registered across India, surprisingly an issue has come out from the state of Kerala. Citing safety and non compliance to regulations, a RTO has denied registration of a BharatBenz 917 school bus. While so far 180 ICV buses are sold and successfully registered in the state of Kerala, this issue has cropped out from the Ranny RTO. We at CVNews.in, stepped in to understand the facts and we have explained in details below.

The Issue quoted by RTO is, rear end of the chassis longitudinal member is extended by butt joint with eight nuts and bolts.The extended portion measures 108 cm and 11 seats are placed ovver the extension portion. Theÿ have also quoted that, nuts and bolts may collapse after prolonged use due to bad road conditions. Citing this as a safety reasons, RTO has denied registration.

What actually happened?

BharatBenz 914 school bus is a fully built, ARAI approved, fully complying (in many aspects exceeding) to both Bus body code AIS 052 and School bus regulation AIS 063. This being a fully built bus, Daimler has given a provision in the rear over hang for luggage. The bus is certified and homologated in the same way. But as per Kerala state Motor act, the chassis member should not be chopped or cut and shall be available for the full length of the bus. Inorder to comply with this regulation, a local arrangement was done to meet the regional regulation. Its to be noted that, out of 180 buses registered not all underwent this modifications, and its a case to case basis depending on RTO. So since the chassis frame is not available for full length and overhang chassis member is only bolted, RTO has raised the issue.

But, its crystal clear that any bus complying to CMVR and homologated complies to all safety, legal and regulatory requirements and this case is no exemption and the bus is fully complying to all safety norms.

Team CV News.in publishes details only after full verification and we also reached the official spokesperson in Daimler and here is the response,

  • “BharatBenz buses meet all applicable regulations across India and fulfill even the safety standards according to the proposed bus body code.
  • Vehicle homologation is performed by ARAI, the central government approved independent technical expert agency. All BharatBenz products have successfully undergone homologation at ARAI and meet all technical and safety requirements mandated under various regulations, including those specifically covering school buses”

We also understand the issue, which is ongoing for past couple of weeks will be sorted out most probably within this week and AutoBahn trucking corporation, dealer for BharatBenz is on the job as per Daimler. This being the school bus season many buses are lined up of already and quick resolution will ensure early deliveries and commissioning.


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