While we wrote about, what could be the next step in 37T rigid truck segment, Eicher has logically worked on relatively easier and higher ton rigid truck from the same existing 37T truck platform. Eicher Pro 6037, which is a 37T rigid axle truck and is available with single tyre pusher lift axle. The truck is available in both Cowl and Cabin options with two load body options of 28f and 30f. This truck which is powered by a 5l, 4 Cylinder, VEDX5 BS IV engine with SCR develops a power of 210hp @ 2200 rpm and torque of 825 Nm between 1200 rpm-1600 rpm. It has a payload of ~21T and has class leading features like Cruise control etc. The truck is currently retailed at around 27lks with a with a dealer discount of min Rs.50k, free telematics for a period of 3 yrs, attractive AMC etc.

The 37T rigid truck volume is around 17,000 trucks per annum and is growing YoY. One of the major reasons for quick success of this segment, is the lowest ton Kmpl, which means, to transport 1T of load, with available options, 37T truck will be most cheapest option. Now taking the segment to next level, we detailed a report on 43T rigid truck by adding one more axle.

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But even before that, there is a option of providing twin tyres in the first rear axle, which is also a lift axle. Eicher has worked with this option and has increased the GVW to 41T and subsequently increasing the payload upto 23T.

Eicher sells Pro 8049 6×2, 49T tractor with a lift axle option. This tractor has a ¬†twin tyre¬†Bogie lift & Bogie press option , and is a great value to Customer, when the tractor is operated in rated load and return load empty applications. We assume the same/equivalent axle could be used in this rigid truck, replacing the single tyre lift axle. We shall post more updates, as and when we receive information. Stay tuned.

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