Right product in 31T rigid truck:

31T rigid truck is the first segment in India where we had two different axle configuration for a same GVW truck. Trucks were either offered with twin steerable front axle like Ashokleyland 3116 or with a pusher lift axle as Tata LPT 3118. Each of them promoted once is better than other and yes one is better than other for a given application. Let’s see what benefit they actually offer to customer.

Twin steerable front axle:

This configuration is currently available with Ashokleyland 3116, 3118, 3123, Volvo Eicher Pro 8031, AMW 3118HT, and Prima LX 3123, Man CLA 3122. This is considered to have dynamically stable configuration as cargo load is equally distributed over front and rear axle. This makes them brake more efficiently and have more balanced drive for any load carried. The primary disadvantage is they have higher TCD and increases with the increase in the length of vehicle. Most suited for lengthier load body options upto 32’.

Tata 3118
Tata 3118

Suggested applications:

  • Loads in both side of trip.
  • Overloaded applications.
  • Bulk loads like Cement, steel coils,
  • Bulkers, and containers

Pusher lift axle:

Pusher lift axle has three axles in the rear and the first one is a pusher axle which is usually pneumatically suspended. This makes the truck to lift the axle on need basis. This has more relevance when the truck is operated with a return load empty condition. In that scenario, the axle can be lifted and this results in better fuel performance and reduces tyre wear. The fuel performance savings is up to 3% to 7% depending upon the operating conditions. Though this model is available upto 32’ load body, its more popular in 24’ and 28’ load body applications.

Suggested applications:

  • POL (Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants) tankers.
  • Return load empty applications
  • Cement, bulkers, market load.
  • Poultry and fish
  • Reefer containers

    Bharat Benz 3123
    Bharat Benz 3123

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