Isuzu FR 1318

Drive line and Mechanical:

Powering FR 1318 is a 5.2l, 4 cylinder, 4HK1XS diesel BS3 engine developing 173hp@2600rpm. This is very decent power output for a 5l diesel engine and it scores very well in terms of driveabilty as well. Fitted with 6 speed manual gear box and mated to a hydraulically controlled diaphragm clutch. FR 1318 comes with a hydraulic power steering and has a claimed top speed of 110 kmph.

The Coach has front semi elliptical leaf springs and has air suspension at the rear. Seating options are available from max 41 reclining seats. For a vehicle of over all length  10900 this seems to be little cramped but still a 6 row 36 seat option should be available. The Coach has a claimed top speed of 110kmph.

Product Positioning:

FR 1318 is placed in emerging value segment AC bus segment. Primary application for FR 1318 could be Staff bus, Tourist and even a school bus. The bus has all the goodies to be used for short and a relatively longer tourist application. But we don’t have any news about the school bus version as its will be relatively expensive.

Isuzu wanted  to sell FR 1318 to some of STU’s is north and the presence of 4 cylinder was one of the entry barrier. But we may see the product getting STU approvals in near future.

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