It wasn’t a usual cargo. It is 500T stator that needed to be transported to Kota, Rajasthan from Mundra, Gujarat that could light up a thousand lives by generating power in the North Western states of the country. The Transporter is Ms. J.H. Parabia Transport from Gujarat. Scania R500 puller was chosen to perform its task of transporting the cargo

This mammoth journey was a 90-day feat to Scania customer, Amit Singh from J. H. Parabia Transport, was certain that Scania R500 was the truck for the job. This is the third time management chose Scania to lead an assignment, knowing it would not fail.

Scania R500 Puller

Not an easy task

Covering a distance of about 1,000kms over rough ground, the puller truck had challenges to overcome. The hilly paths with narrow turns were only ideal for 3m wide and 15m long vehicles, and thus three additional pullers were brought in as back-up. Calling for an experienced team of 25 members, this project was an undertaking of just 10kms a day owing to its challenging nature. The challenges required skilled manpower to operate heavy duty commercial vehicles like the excavator, tipper and road roller for making around 15 diversion roads through river beds, a truck for laying steel plates and pipes on soft roads, and pick-up trucks for logistics. In addition, the unfavourable weather conditions, long working hours, odd size of the consignment, and low electricity poles made the task demanding and daunting for the team. Moving the consignment on 202 tyres needed dynamic traffic management as the oversized cargo blocked traffic on both sides of the road.

Scania R500 Puller

Scania R500 – King of Road

The reliability, maneuverability, high-power engine of the R500, are just some of the many features which make the truck unique. “My experience was wonderful. R500 is ideal for assignments where reliability and power is the prerequisite. The ‘additional brake’ feature in the truck was very helpful while driving downhill. The truck was home to the team for 90 days, and I must say that the spacious cabin and comfortable seating made the journey easy for the team,” recalls Amit Singh from J. H. Parabia Transport. R series cab is very spacious, mechanically suspended at four point and is equipped with Air condition.

Scania R500 Puller

The 500 horse power 13L V8 engine, developing 2400 Nm torque, made this journey possible and one to remember. Drive line includes 12 speed range splitter gear box with one overdrive, two crawler gear and two reverse gears. It was a saga of tremendous grit where technology and the spirit of human endeavour came to the fore. “In all the difficult situations, the truck gave us the support we needed. We knew that even the smallest mistake could ruin our entire effort. However, we knew that we could rely on Scania for its resilience” says Amit.

Pic Credits : Scania

By CV News