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Intercity bus operation is one of unregulated industry, for the primary reason Govt. is not fully involved in framing rules and regulations. While bus body code is yet to be implemented fully, Sleeper bus travel which ¬†is currently the preferred choice of passengers is yet to see a regulation for overseeing the bus registration and related operation. In the absence of regulation from Central Govt., State Govt.’s plays a spoil sport in framing their own rules. Every state has their own Motor vehicle act and each one regulates this industry in their own way. Bus operators have nothing to do, than to just abide the local rules.

While its an open secret that, State Transport Corporations and railways, fail to address the complete travel solution of general public, its only the private operators who ensure the connectivity cities. What ever we have seen, heard and spoken, many of the fleet operators have a huge passion for this industry and without the involvement of them, we wouldn’t have dreamed of travelling by a bus to Jalur from Bangalore for a distance of 2000 Kms. Even for a travel between Bangalore and Mumbai, we now have umpteen number of private buses, who does a fairly better job in giving better comfort, safety and options to passengers for travel.

One Route – One Fare

With no tariff been fixed for a travel between point A to point B, its left with the mercy of the operator. There were differential price for a weekday, weekend and holidays. Now inorder to have a level playing ground, and to set a standard, operators has now joined hands to offer a same ticket fare between Ernakulam РHyderabad route. These Operators include Kallada Travels, Aeon Connect, Alhind Tours, Orange Tours, Salabham travels have now collaboratively offering a fare of Rs.2050/-.

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With a total distance around 1100 kms the ticket fare per km is around Rs.1.8/km. This being the first time, and is the right step to bring a level playing ground. Incidentally all the buses are Multi axle semi sleepers from Volvo and Scania. We wish this could be spread across, if not to all routes but atleast to major routes like Mumbai – Bengaluru, Chennai – Bengaluru, Hyderabad – Bengaluru etc.

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