Scania Opticruise an Automated Manual Transmission system, is a patented technology and was launched 20 years years ago,in 1995. At that time it was one of the first automated gear changing systems in the market. After several years of development, the concept of a standard mechanical gearbox remains, but the system has been extensively modified, with improved mechanical components and entirely new software. Its available in either 8 for buses and 12 speed for trucks.  The 12 speed Opticruise is also available with over drive.

The Scania Opticruise control is located on a lever on the steering column, which also controls the Scania Retarder (an auxiliary brake system), if fitted. In automatic mode, Opticruise chooses the best gear depending on various input parameters. It is simple and always possible to change gears manually with the lever.

Scania Opticruise combi-switch

How Scania Opticruise works

  • The function of Scania Opticruise is based on advanced software that adjusts flywheel torque according to speed sensors in the wheels, in the engine and in the gearbox.
  • The combined information from each of the sensors reveals information about the mass of the truck and whether it is climbing a hill or descending a hill or in plains.
  • Through advanced real-time mathematical calculations, Opticruise knows when to ramp down the torque in the engine. When it needs to shift speeds it automatically disengages the gear with a pneumatic device and then adjust the engine speed for the next gear. The main advantage of Scania Opticruise is that it calculates the most suitable gear to use according to parameters it gets from the sensors in order to deliver maximum energy efficiency.
  • With as many as 14 gears on a truck, it often happens that drivers will skip gears and use the accelerator to rev up the engine to a speed fit for the gear they chose. With Opticruise, gear changing is optimised for the best possible fuel consumption.


  • A new automatic clutch control system replaces the system with a clutch pedal. The automatic clutch has a high-precision electro-hydraulic control system, which is an industry first. Manoeuvring mode provides extra fine clutch control, accelerator resolution and smoother engine control, for example during sightseeing. Basically in there is no clutch pedal and often accelerator pedal is treated as clutch pedal for the system.
  • The automatic clutch is disengaged briefly during gear changes, making shifts faster and smoother. Comprehensive electronic protection keeps clutch wear to a minimum.
  • A new shift strategy strives to maintain speed uphill with early down changes, if needed. Hill-hold is standard feature enabling a complete control during acceleration in gradients.
  • Gear changing adapts to the individual driving style, the load and the inclination of the road. A new Power mode is available for extra performance.
  • The driver interface remains the same, with all gear changing and retarder control functions integrated in the RH steering wheel lever, leaving the floor and driver seat uncluttered.
  • Apart from all this parameters can be adjusted by any Scania workshop to customise the functionality.
  • With advanced GPS integration, foreseeing a gradient, Opticruise shifts gears rather down shifts seeing a gradient little early to negotiate the gradient with the same level of momentum. This is explained in detail in the videos

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