Parveen travels, popular and prominent travel house based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is known for innovative time to time approach towards social causes. Parveen Travels, have take several initiatives in the past, and this time has taken lead in communicating its stand towards supporting “Jallikattu”. Parveen has recently inducted new Mercedes Benz SHD coaches and is operating between Madurai and Chennai. This 15m coach is now fully decaled with slogans and images portraying Tamil tradition and humanity. A first of its kind and Parveen has done it in style in a quick turn around time. Mr.¬†Mohammed Sadiq, Director Parveen Travels mentioned, “we should be a Proud Indian, and responsible South Indian” about the initiative.

Parveen Mercedes Henz SHD

“Jallikattu” is one of the oldest living ancient sports, dating 4000 to 5000 yrs back. It is held in the villages of Tamil Nadu as a part of the Pongal festival. Among the young calves only the best is selected for Jallikattu and others are castrated and used to plough farmland. This ensures only the best genes get passed on and hence the native breeds were healthily ¬†protected.

Parveen Mercedes Henz SHD

Currently the sport “Jallikattu” is baned by Supreme Court, citing various reasons like harming the bulls etc. In Tamil Nadu earlier there used to be six native breeds. But now, one breed called Alambadi has been officially declared extinct, and its feared that this ban may kill other breeds as well. Now this issue has attracted national attention as the protests are now lead by students community, and this is one of the biggest rise from them in the recent past.

As said Parveen have taken several initiatives towards social causes in the past and we have collated details about them

Go- Green buses

An initiative in helping the Nation Go-Green by branding its Inter-City Bus with Go-Green concept and at the same time every traveller in this bus would contribute a sapling towards the Nation and help India be eco-friendly.

As a part of Parveen Travels CSR initiative, company will donate a percentage of Go Green Buses revenue to Dr. Abdul Kalam Go Green project.

Parveen Scania ML HD

Launched in Jan 1 2013, these buses carry the Go Green Branding in an attempt to spread the green environment initiative. Parveen initiated this campaign in an effort to get people start thinking and stop anti-environmental activities.

Respect for women

These buses have the extra step to make women feel safer and privileged during their journey . As a trendsetter in the industry, Parveen launched Respect Women for Life, an awareness initiative to improve travel standards for women passenger.

This initiative shall not only enhance safety standards but also encourage women to take necessary steps for a better livelihood tomorrow.

Parveen Scania ML HD

Launched in Jun 2016, these buses have background verified crew, CCTV surveillance, seat preference for women, GPS tracking etc to ensure the safety of single women travel.

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