Rambal Pneumatic Suspension

Rambal, one of the oldest auto component maker since 1957 and a part of Shriram group from Chennai, has diversified interests in Automotive, Textile, Electronics, and other Allied Industries. Over the years, Rambal has developed indigenous capabilities in prototyping, production and works closely with Customers for new products and solutions. Rambal is a “Make in India” endeavor and has been working primarily in Automotive braking, suspension technologies and has developed not just components but complete system-based solutions to Commercial vehicles. Rambal has comprehensive manufacturing process right from raw material to final installation which gives complete control of the product design.

With vast experience in precision machining of critical components with Italian know how on shock absorbers, Rambal meets the wide needs of Customer in suspension and damping products. Over the years company has developed strengths in building new design and reverse engineering solutions for Customers. A totally integrated front and rear suspension system for off-road vehicles, Rambal have a large number of tailor-made shock absorbers for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, with specialized applications like golf carts and lawn mowers.  Rambal’s popular are not just limited to Twin Tube, Mono Tube, McPherson Struts, Mountain Bike Shock Absorbers and Adjustable Damping Shock Absorbers.

Air Suspension for buses:

With demanding and changing customer needs, Rambal has developed technologies in Air suspension systems and is now a complete system supplier to Force Traveller, Mahindra Tourister and range of ICV buses from Bharat Benz, Eicher,Tata and Ashok Leyland. Air Suspension systems from Rambal is almost a plug and play system that has best in class advantages like lower unladen ride frequencies and reduced unsprung mass. Key USP’s are constant ride frequency over load range and higher wheel travel at GVW.

Rambal trailing rear suspension
Rambal trailing rear suspension

Rambal is looking at both OE and retro fitment markets, and products are spanning over the entire spectrum of bus portfolio interms of application as well as segment. From 6T to 16T in Intra and Intercity, every application and segment needs a clear duty cycle understanding and Rambal is developing its skill set to address the stated and unstated needs of Customer as well as User. Every stake holder in the process of a system should be happy with a positive node, and Rambal is ensuring that as well.

As always Engineering and technology needs to be localised, not just interms of manufacturing but more in terms of adapting to our market and Customer requirements. This is clearly understood by Rambal and is working along with Customer to bring out solutions, that best suits within the boundaries of Cost, reliability, and durability. As mentioned Rambal has developed application-based air suspension system such a Cow horn-type for a large bus, as well as a trailing type suspension for the smaller buses and vans like Traveller. The suspension can also be electronically integrated to adjust the ride height whenever necessary.

Rambal Rear suspension
Rambal Rear suspension

Shock Absorbers:

Rambal has a complete range of shock absorbers like front struts, rear shock absorbers, cabin shocks, mono damper and gas springs. Rambal has facilities and infrastructure that can produce complete range of shock absorbers and dampers for varied applications. Rambal has exhaustive in-house testing facilities for ensuring higher and desired quality levels and to meet diversified customer requirements. Rambal has partnered with “General Kinetics” to provide high end products with competitive pricing.

Rambal range of shock absorber
Rambal range of shock absorber

Semi active Electric shock absorbers developed by Rambal is comfortable, reliable and provides excellent ride comfort and is sensible even in the first ride. The vehicle stability can be optimised real time, and built in algorithms automatically adjust for the weight and drive conditions. Without much compromise on the braking, electric shock absorbers, proactively manages the pitch of vehicle thus ensuring braking. Every single ride counts for productivity and Rambal electric shock absorbers ensures this largely thus translating to better operating economics. Not to mention, a better and comfortable suspension translates to even better turnaround time for vehicles and you can ensure there is an improvement upto 65% in the TAT, in same terrain with given boundary conditions. The Electric shock absorber with a fine tuned hardware, Rambal suspension systems ensures Customers are profitable with more trips and improved travel experience.

Rambal has already started to seed the market with its products and has received a positive feedback from the operators as well as users. Rambal is keen to take this further and is looking forward to have a pan India reach in coming years. With clear focus on the products and equal emphasises in the aftermarket, Rambal has started to count on its Customers. Every journey starts with a first step and Rambal has kept the first foot firmly and is confident of providing better solutions to Customers and is growing along with Customers.

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