In 2008, BMTC proposed a value AC bus, as the only AC service available was with Volvo 8400 which was a premium one. Tata proposed 1618 a 650mm rear engine semi low entry bus, with a price of around 35 lks. Soon after Tata motors supplied 98 buses, problems started one after another. There were repeated breakdowns from engine, transmission etc. Major issue reported was huge smoke emitted from the bus. Soon the issue started to increase day by day and these were similar to the 44 buses supplied to KSRTC as well, which were running in Mysore. Finally when buses started to make losses of Rs 1.5 crore a month a month, and when Tata refused to address the problem, it was decided to scrap all the 142 busesin Jan 2015.

Refuses to Go

It has been more than two years after the state cabinet gave a green signal to state-run road transport corporations to scrap non-performing Tata Marcopolo buses in their respective fleets. However, the corporations could not sell the buses which were in running condition as bidders quoted very low prices – Rs 1.3 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh per bus. This has prompted the corporations to take out important parts in these buses, including seats and engines, and use them in other buses which are operational.
In the non-AC buses, parts worth Rs 6 to Rs 7 lakh could be reused in other buses. Tenders would be issued for scrapping of these buses after taking out these parts.Cannibalising parts already stated and its done in three buses

The BMTC board will take a final decision on the subject in coming days. Unlike other buses which are sent to scrap after completing ten years or crossing over 13 lakh kilometers, these buses were operational for only a few years.

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