TSRTC is operational since June 3, 2015 and have a fleet of 10,500 vehicles, including 1,500 hired buses. TSRTC have about 123 AC buses used for inter-city applications such as Garuda, Garuda Plus and Indra, about 2,550 non-AC inter-city buses which run as Super Luxury and Deluxe and 3,800 rural buses. TSRTC have major operations in Hyderabad with nearly 3,800 buses running in the city, of which 159 are AC low-floor ones like the Metro Deluxe and the rest non-AC.

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Many of TATA motors semi low floor and low floor buses were all procured through JNNURM scheme in 2015. Telangana had received a total of 552 buses under the scheme with 422 of the buses dedicated to service on the roads of Hyderabad. In a TSRTC Hyderabad depot approx. around 130 buses are allotted and around 9 to 10 buses are pulled up every day for maintenance and the rest are rotated accordingly.

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According to a report in “New Indian Express”, many of the depots are facing problem with the availability of parts for Tata buses. “The problem is not with the TSRTC’s procurement procedure but with the TATA buses that we use. Finding spare parts for these vehicles are difficult, they are expensive too,” said the official. Pointing at a stationed Metro Express bus standing adjacent to a TATA bus, the engineer said, “There is a visible difference in their body quality. TSRTC uses aluminium for building the bus bodies. These buses are sturdy and if there are dents due to minor accidents, they are easy to repair. But the TATA buses are made of fibre, we have to do “Jugaad” to ensure the body does not fall apart. Replacements are expensive and often unavailable,” added the engineer.

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“The ones that come with TATA buses are of poor quality. The air pressure is lost due to air leakages and the doors stop functioning,” said the engineer. Many of the city buses do not have doors resulting in accidents when passengers getting off the moving bus. The report also mentions that “One of the greatest shortcomings on the TATA buses is the low Kilometre per litre (KMPL) that they offer,” said a mechanic at the depot.

Pics credit – TSRTC Buses FB page

News Ref – New Indian Express

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