Tata LPTA 2038 6x6 High Mobility Vehicle with truck mounted crane

Tata Motors have received a follow-on contract for the supply of an additional 619 units, of its high-mobility (HMV) 6X6 multi-axle truck, from the Indian Army. Being built with a material handling crane, the Tata 6X6 HMV is meant for the loading-unloading and transportation of ammunition pallets, spares and other operational equipment.

This is in conjunction, to an earlier order awarded to Tata Motors for 1239 units of its 6X6 High Mobility Vehicles, and is the single largest order awarded to an Indian private OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in land systems by the Indian army, under the Indian Ministry of Defence DPP (Defence Procurement Procedure).

Developed Indigenously, the Tata 6X6 high mobility all-terrain all-wheel drive vehicle, has been designed to cope with extreme on or off-road loads and have gone through trials including deep water-fording, on cross country terrains and plains and put thru the VRDE’s (Vehicle Research & Development Establishment) torture track.

Powered by Cummins ISLe 375 CRDi BS-III, 6- Cylinder diesel engine, it produces 375hp@2100 rpm and 1550nm@1300 rpm. The Tata 6X6 is designed for easy operability. The vehicle is easy to maintain, due to accessibility to its aggregates. The vehicles cabin is modular with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and is fully-ready for up-armoring. With a GVW of 23ooo kgs, the truck has a payload of 8500kgs.

Tata LPTA 2038 6x6 High Mobility Vehicle with water bowser
Tata LPTA 2038 6×6 High Mobility Vehicle with fuel bowser

High ground clearance enables the Tata 6X6 to better negotiate gradients, sand dunes, off-road terrains, and trenches, with higher water & mud fording capabilities, whilst carrying designated military payloads. The vehicle is also fitted with a central tire inflation system (CTIS), allowing the driver to adjust the tyre pressure from his seat, for better traction on different surfaces, especially when carrying vital and heavy loads. The truck has a step climbing of 500mm and gradeability of 25 deg.

The vehicle is also capable of achieving sustained speeds of 40 kmph, on severe cross country terrains. and has a max speed of 80kmph at full speed. The Self-Recovery Winch assists in extraction of the vehicle (including other vehicles in the convoy) during operations. The truck also has multiple applications like

  • CGT (Common Gun Tower)
  • MBRL (Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher)
  • MFU (Missile Firing Unit)
  • MSV (Missile Service Vehicle)
  • FSV (Field Service Vehicle)
  • SRSAM (Short Range Surface to Air Missile)
  • QRSAM (Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile) vehicle
  • LLQRM (Low Level Quick Reaction Missile) vehicle
  • MRV (Medium Recovery Vehicle)

Tata Motors exports its range of specialized defence vehicles to the SAARC, ASEAN and African regions. With Tata Motors rich portfolio in multi-axle range like 12×12, 8×8 & 6×6, the company has started supplying to leading Missile OEMs across the world. The company has also established itself as a supplier of specialist vehicles for UN peacekeeping missions. Tata Motors range of off-road vehicles are also being procured by the agencies involved in AID & Development, across the world like GSA, KBR, Oxfam, RONCO, RA International & Riders. Till now Tata motors have supplied around 110000 units of logistics trucks to Indian military and Paramilitary forces.

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