The Citea SLFA-181 Electric won this award, which underscores the level that the electric Citea – European market leader in electric public transport – has now reached. The many vehicle length options and large passenger capacity of the 18-meter long version show that sustainable alternatives to public bus transport are already available.

The new, innovative VDL Citea SLFA Electric combines the best features of the Citea Electric and the articulated Citea SLFA. The SLFA Electric features modular construction, with a choice of several battery systems. The batteries are located on the roof of the bus, and it is possible to equip the bus with various rapid charging systems with an inverted pantograph. The double execution of the climate control system and the use of heat pumps provide a pleasant climate in the bus with minimum energy consumption. It goes without saying that this bus can also be built without diesel heating, resulting in 100% zero emission transport.
VDL Citea SLFA range
VDL Citea SLFA range
Fast charge system
The Citea SLFA Electric is fitted with a fast charge system using a pantograph made by Schunk. The pantograph is positioned on the front carriage above the 2nd axle, so passengers always have free passage near the doors. Charging is done at both final stops. The charging power is 250 kW and charging time is around 5-10 minutes. The batteries are fully charged at night.

BRT design
The new, special ‘BRT’ design gives the Citea SLFA Electric a futuristic look and feel. This manifests itself, in particular, in the rearward leaning windscreen and the characteristic roof and side line. Destination signs are integrated into the windscreen, rear window and side windows. The entry door is extra wide to facilitate entry and egress and promote passenger flow here too. Full LED lighting at the front, sides and rear provides optimal visibility under all conditions.

To make the innovative character of the bus visible on the outside too, many customers opt for the futuristic BRT design of the articulated bus. That way the Citea Low Floor Articulated Electric serves as the perfect banner for the dynamism that accompanies the transition to zero emission public transport.
The Citea SLFA (Low Floor Articulated) Electric is available in three length variants:
the SLFA-180 Electric with a length of 18 metres,
the SLFA-181 Electric with a length of 18.1 metres and
the SLFA-187 Electric with a length of 18.75 metres.
The Citea SLFA Electric is available in a 3- or 4-door version.

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