Ashok Leyland is betting big on the sunshine, the new School bus range and there are newer and innovative features that makes it better placed. Though Ashok Leyland already have Lynx Smart and Lynx Strong in school bus variant, Ashok Leyland have developed Sunshine as a dedicated platform for School Bus and it will spin off multiple products from. School Customers are most price sensitive as those buses dont earn any revenue for them unlike other applications.It means you will nee a product meeting right targets at right price. Here are some of the important features in the Sunshine.

1. Innovative new range of seats:
a. Ashok Leyland calls them as child centric design as they have fun graphics, multiple colors, tooth guards behind seats, grab handles in seats, storage compartments under the seats, bottle holders, arm rests and seats belts.
b. These seats also has anti-bacterial materials and they kill 99.99% bacteria. Also these seats are intertek certified.

Sunshine – Interior

Sunshine - Interior

2. Greater level of Safety:
a. Sunshine is the first bus of its kind to come with rollover complaint bus body design.
b. Sunshine is also the first bus to have frontal crash protection design.

3. Newer chassis and body features
a. Windows are wider and bigger and they offer better visibility and ventilation and are provided with guard rails for additional safety.
b. Retractable steps are normally provided as a first step. In case of Sunshine the first step which is a fixed step, itself is lowest.
c. Lesser front over hang which means driver can have better visibility and will have better manoeuvrability in narrow roads. This also gives a lower turning circle dia.

d. Comes with parabolic suspension and they offer better comfort in comparison to standard multi leaf springs.
f. Lower height of bus means lower centre of gravity and body roll is limited.

g. Metal front bumper, Anti drain battery system, Free flow fuel system which ensures no air lock are some additional features.

4. Newer optional features
a. Frontal crash avoidance system is an another innovative system which uses an intelligent algorithm to calculate the speed of bus, distance to the objects and relative speed of obstacles to avoid collision.
b. I-alert, a state of alert RFID based tracking system that allows parents real time track of their children’s movement. This also gives real time vehicle health status to operator as well. These are important features which aren’t available in the market and Ashokleyland will be the trend setter.

Ashokleyland Sunshine

By CV News