Towards the end of year 2016, Tata motors announced its interest in bringing bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar to endorse its range of commercial vehicles starting from Ace to its flagship truck, Prima. It was also announced that, as a part of association high decibel multi-media campaigns will be made. Besides products and solutions, he will be actively involved in host of innovative marketing and customer experience initiatives, that will be rolled out by Tata Motors. In continuing with it, Tata launched host of new Television commercials for its commercial vehicles all featuring its brand ambassador.

Currently there are total of 4 videos are released individually for Xenon Yodha – the new pickup, for Tata Ace – the highest selling mini truck in India, Tata Signa – new M&HCV range and for entire commercial vehicles including school buses. Tata also brought out a new tag line – “Aapke Saath Har”, meaning “With You Always”.

Tata Xenon Yodha

Xenon was the first product for the year by Tata motors. Incidentally this was the first launch with the presence of Akshay as well. The Ad symbolises the Xenon in new version Yodha meaning Warrior as Akshay delivers the cargo to locations travelling through tough and arduous terrain.

Tata Signa

Tata refreshed its entire line up of M&HCV, excluding Prima family as Signa. Retaining the power train, the refreshment is more towards Interiors, headlights and few cosmetic makeovers like newer grills and trust bar. This segment forms upto 60% of total sales for Tata and new TVC for the segment is worth mentioning.

Tata Ace

Popularly known as “Chota Hathi”, Ace is revolution of its own since launched. It completely phased out the three wheeler mini trucks and carved a niche for itself. The Ace family includes Ace Zip (1.2T GVW), Ace (1.5T GVW to 1.7T GVW), Ace Mega (2.1T GVW), Super Ace Min(2.25T GVW). Kaamyabi har kadam meaning “Success Every Step” are right words for Ace.


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