Ashok Leyland Circuit Electric

1.Seating Capacity 

The electric bus will have a minimum seating capacity of 35 to a maximum of 65, and can run up to           120 kilometres on a single recharge under standard test conditions, as reported by Company.

2.Price of Bus

The bus will be priced around Rs.1.2 crores and pricing largely depends on the batteries and seats. Expected payback to the customer in about four-five years. While 60 percent of the total cost of the bus goes for the battery.

3.Investment for the Project

The initial investment for the project is around Rs 22 crore. The company had earmarked as much as Rs 500 crore for the project and will be done in phases.

4.Manufacturing locations

Circuit buses can be manufactured in all the seven manufacturing facilities owned by the company. Currently, these buses are manufactured in Alwar, Rajasthan and also in Viralimalai facility in Tamil Nadu.

5. Terrain

The bus can be used in hilly areas and heritage places, and the tendering process is going on between three to four state transport undertakings.

6.Motors and Batteries

Powered by 150kW motors, and batteries are imported from USA.

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