Ashok Leyland and Hino Motors Japan have entered into a Mutual Cooperation Agreement (MCA) where Ashok Leyland will utilize Hino’s engine technology for Ashok Leyland’s EURO-VI development and will support in development of Hino’s engine parts purchasing in India for global operation. Hino and Ashok Leyland have had a cooperative agreement for engine production in India since 1986. By this mutual cooperation agreement, both companies will leverage each other’s strengths in diesel engines to enhance their competitiveness.

Ashok Leyland will enhance its competitiveness by jointly developing engines for BS-VI compliance in India through the engine technology of Hino Motors. Hino Motors will promote engine parts development in India by utilizing Ashok Leyland in India to strengthen Hino’s competitiveness.

Mr. Vinod K. Dasari, Managing Director and  CEO of Ashok Leyland said in a statement, “We believe in long term partnerships, and have great respect for Hino Motors. This cooperation between our companies would be mutually beneficial and enable both of us to produce globally competitive products.”

Mr. Yoshio Shimo, President & CEO of Hino Motors said in a statement, “We believe this cooperation with Ashok Leyland takes advantage of the strengths that the two companies have cultivated. Hino will enhance its global competitiveness by utilizing Ashok Leyland parts procurement capabilities in India.”

This development comes at a time, where Ashok Leyland already has two platform of engines H series (The original Hino W series further worked by Ashok Leyland) and N Series (The range of Neptune engine developed by Ashok Leyland). Both these engine platforms are currently available in BS IV range and N series is capable getting migrated to BS VI.

The first engine which Ashok Leyland borrowed from Hino was a Naturally aspirated, W06, 5.8L, diesel engine developing a power of 95hp @ 2400 rpm and a torque of 330 Nm @ 1600 rpm. Ashok Leyland continued to work in the same engine and developed variants, to not just meet emission standards upto BS IV but have also developed alternative fuel options like CNG variants from the same block. From a humble 95hp, this block with several round of developments, now produces upto 225hp.

The new MCA can be considered a very important for Ashok Leyland as moving forward India will not only tight the emission standards but also will be witnessing higher power to weight ratio trucks starting from 16T. Hino engines was one of a brand pillar for Ashok Leyland in the past, and Ashok Leyland will be utilising the technological know how from Hino on the tighter BS VI standards.


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One thought on “Ashok Leyland join hands with Hino for BS VI”
  1. AL did showcase its Neptune powered 4940 BS6 complaint tractor at AutoExpo 2016. Now it has joined hands with Hino, what does this mean – AL can produce BS6 compliant engines but not competitive enough????

    AL probably won’t be able to market “Indigenous” tag this time. If they scrap N-series all together, the capex for R&D for several years would flush down the drain… By this partnership, one can at least guess the approach to achieve BS6 norms will be combination of EGR+SCR…

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