Going by the market trends in demand for higher power Tractors and Tippers, Ashok Leyland is planning to launch a range of trucks with high power Neptune engines. During the recently concluded Global Conference held by Ashok Leyland at Chennai, the company has showcased few products and we understand the same will be launched shortly. Competition is taking the higher ton tractors and tippers to next level with the launch of high power engines and Ashok Leyland isn’t active in the range anything above 230HP. Considering this product gap and sensing the space created by Competition, Ashok Leyland will be launching products shortly.

While the multi axle tractors and Tippers from Tata, BharatBenz and Eicher has engine options till 280HP, they have found a niche in the market for ODC movement and over burden removal in mines. Though these trucks are not compared to premium products like Volvo and Scania, the market for the high power trucks are increasing and Customer demand for the higher power to weight ratio trucks are also increasing day by day.

BharatBenz 4928T
BharatBenz 4928T

Also with more and more electronic engines coming in, the fuel performance Vs engine power, ratio isn’t too low as in the case of mechanical engines. In segments like 49T tractor where Ashok Leyland is currently a market leader, is still offering trucks in the range of 230HP and has now decided to provide more options to Customer with 320HP engines.

Neptune Series:

Ashok Leyland has developed  range of higher capacity 4 Cylinder and 6 Cylinder engines and is yet to offer these engines in large and main stream portfolio of trucks. While the demand has now grown towards higher power to weight ratio trucks, Ashok Leyland will be launching them in the coming days.

6 Cylinder Neptune engine develops a horse power of 320HP @ 2200 rpm and a torque of 1250Nm between 1200 and 1800 rpm. The power train will be complemented with 9 speed gear box and hub reduction axles as well. The multi axle tippers 2532 and 3132 will be the two tipper products and 4932 will be the tractor range. These trucks will have Ashok Leyland’s successful iEGR technology, AC cabs, and many class leading features justifying the price tag and premium product position.


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One thought on “Ashok Leyland to launch high power tractors and tippers.”
  1. AL really lacks any engine option between 230HP and 320HP. Will fleet owners be ready to transit to steep +90HP, increase of more than 1/3rd of existing..? That too with rising diesel costs?

    Also many Captain 2523T owners are unhappy that mechanics aren’t upto the mark with servicing N-series trucks. I’m speaking about mechanics in Authorised service centres..!!

    For those operators who are thinking to opt for higher power tractors, BB4928 will surely knock their doors before going for AL4932, unless the value proposition of AL matches or betters BB.

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