Scoop : Ashok Leyland working on 41T rigid truck.

Ashok Leyland 41T truck

Indian truck market is undergoing quick and fast transformation in bringing new segments and application based products. Similar to Europe, we are also developing application specific trucks like twin tyre, steerable front axle and pusher lift axle models in 31T. Similarly the 37T segment which currently accounts for nearly 18,000 units per annum in Indian truck Industry is growing faster and manufacturers are working on higher tonnage as well.

Ashok Leyland 41T truck

Ashok Leyland 41T truck with twin tyre, pusher lift axle.

The 10×2/10×4 platform on which the 37T is based, is now been extended to a twin tyre axle variant (in the lift axle) and there by increasing the GVW to 41T. Earlier we have seen Eicher and now the we have Scoop Images of Ashok Leyland testing its 41T truck in the Chennai – Bengaluru, NH48.

They are essentially with twin tyre in pusher lift axle. The axle configuration will be 6+6+10.2+19 (for last tandem axle) and the payload may go upto ~27T, which is good ~2.5T higher than current 37T trucks. This truck will find similar application like Bulker, market load, cement, steel, and agro products.

Our reader Mr. Akhilesh Reddy, was quick to notice the truck and take a snap.

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  1. Interesting competition between, TML’s 6axle 43T, Eicher’s 5axle 40T with tag lift axle and AL’s 5axle 41T with pusher lift axle.

    TML’s 6axle will definitely have better tyre life as both lift axles are steerable, but TCD will be a concern! 40T TT can probably maneuver easily in turnings. But tag lift axle was not welcomed by customers for its 37T as well, wonder how well it goes for 43T.

    Eicher’s 40T and AL’s 41T is fitted with non steerable axles, that will create a lot of drag and will be laying down rubber on the road. For highways its fine, but as far as Ghat section roads are concerned, guess the axle should permanently be lifted.

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