• Indian truck market is more of a rigid truck market unless any of the developed truck markets.
  • With acute shortage of drivers to driver trailers, making room for more ri gid trucks.

Recently Ashok Leyland unveiled and announced their entry into 41T rigid segment with the launch of 4123. Tata Motors were even earlier to showcase the Signa 4323, a 43T  truck and was ambitious in taking Indian truck market one step further. But Volvo Eicher haven’t spoken much on this, excepting the fact that we made articles and posted spy pics of Pro 6041. Now the big news is Eicher will be launching a 43T truck Pro 6043 and 41T Pro 6041 shortly.

Before getting into the debate of, do we need new truck with 12X configuration with a GVW difference of just 2T (over a 10X configuration) over 10X, with added complexity of one more lift axle, Eicher is confident on the product and seems the truck is already with Customer for trials. The 12X truck will have a two, single tyre, 6T lift axles and will be mostly pitched for market load and tanker application.

Eicher Pro 6043.
PC – Amrit Pal

Though for the later, it may need to undergo oil companies certification. What we really need to appreciate is the phase in which these two trucks are brought to market by Eicher. A response to market demand on 37T truck, sensing the oppurtunity and to monetize the demand for higher segment trucks, is swift. As of now Eicher is ready with both Pro 6041 10×2 and a Pro 6043 12×2 trucks and is planning for launch, mostly by this year first half. We may see a grand launch shortly and this will ensure Eicher having a very strong multi axle truck portfolio.

Eicher 41T truck
Pic Credit: Anmol singh


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2 thoughts on “Eicher getting ready for heavy weight Rigids. Planning new launches this year.”
  1. “With acute shortage of drivers to drive trailers” – Those drivers who have been driving Rigids for decades but never had hands on TT say it will be matter of just a week or couple to get adjusted to TTs, don’t think there is any shortage of TT drivers, just general shortage of truck drivers.

    On the other hand, looking at 6axle 43T rigid from TML and VECV, drivers may find maneuvering this lengthy truck a big headache!

    1. There is a shortage of drivers and subsequently they prefer driving rigids, due to city entry/exit issues, police bribe and most importantly due to very poor road infra that doesn’t support parking of TT in state highways. Literally there is no Truck lay bay in SH.

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