In the phase of BS IV transformation Eicher Trucks & Buses, launched its all-new Pro 5000 series heavy-duty rigid haulage trucks, tractors and tippers from 16 tonnes to 40 tonnes GVW. The product launch is in line with the company’s aim to strengthen its presence in the heavy duty (HD) truck segment. The Pro 5000 HD range, which the company says is designed and developed to deliver top-notch reliability and optimised operational costs, is priced between Rs 16 lakh to 28 lakh, depending on the variants and the technology platform (EGR or SCR). It is powered by a new E694 engine (in two states of tune: 170hp and 190hp) equipped with intelligent i3 EGR technology and the Volvo Group’s Engine Management System 3.0. While the Pro 5000 series trucks develop between 170-192hp, the Pro 6000 series trucks develop 180-240hp, and the premium Pro 8000 HD trucks produce between 280-330hp. Clearly, the new Pro 5000 series addresses a wider section of the HD market and according to the company, aims to ensure profitability at all levels.

Eicher Trucks & Buses is offering the Pro 5000 series HD trucks with both Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) as well as Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) engine technologies. While EGR facilitates recirculation of exhaust gases back into the engine intake to reduce NOx formation, SCR undertakes after treatment of exhaust gases with AdBlue (a urea solution) to reduce NOx into the N2, H20. The EGR-equipped trucks are priced lower and are aimed at operators who do less than 8,000 kilometres a month as compared to the longer-haul SCR-equipped models which are capable of over 10,000 kilometres a month.

Current product line up

E694 EGR based trucks 

5000 series Pro 5016, Pro 5025, Pro 5031 – Haulage

5000 series Pro 5061T – 4×2 Tipper

5000 series Pro 5035, Pro 5040 – Tractor

 VEDX5 SCR based trucks

6000 series Pro 6025, Pro 6031, Pro 6037 – Haulage

6000 series Pro 6025 TFE – Tipper

 VEDX8 SCR based trucks

6000 series Pro 6025 T 9S – Tipper

6000 series Pro 6040 – Tractor

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2 thoughts on “Eicher launches Pro 5000 series – BS IV EGR trucks”
  1. Here we go, another ‘Desi operator’ opting for EGR against SCR to achieve BS4 norms. Good to see Eicher is not sitting relaxed with ICV segment but really trying to penetrate M&HCV market as well.

    However, with just 170hp and 192hp variants, they can cater from 16T to 40T alright, but GST implementation is just a couple of months away and it promises ‘Hub to Hub’movements for HCVs with much lesser stoppage. Operators expect quicker TAT and more trips. From July, it should tangible that trucks with more powerful engines will have better TAT and more trips in a month.

    And with GST, expect an increase in ‘Mass movement’, so 49T will definitely have better sales, but Eicher doesn’t have an EGR variant for this segment in 5000 series! And with more trips per month, I’m unsure how the caution line of ‘aimed at operators who do less than 8000 Km/month’ will be perceived.

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