Its understood that Mahindra is working on range of trucks from 8T to 16T and the development is going on for last couple of years. While we at, already made a detailed article on “What to Expect from Mahindra new range?”, now we have fresh set of Scoop images of 9T trucks. So far we have seen more of 12T trucks and now we are posting images of 9T trucks.

Mahindra ICV Trucks testing

The truck seen here is found testing in and around Coimbatore, and this means Mahindra may also be testing at high range like Ooty ghats. Like any modern new trucks, truck featured parabolic suspension with 8.25 section radial tyres. Being a 9T truck, we understand this will be available with range of load body options and the one seen here is with 21′ load body. We also could see a co.driver proximity mirror, which isn’t a mandatory feature for 9T trucks, and seems Mahindra may be standardising the truck cabin trim with 12T trucks (though completely its not possible as 12T trucks will be having ABS, which isn’t mandatory in 9T trucks)


Its also understood that Mahindra may be bench marking new range of ICV trucks against BharatBenz and we have seen a fully loaded BharatBenz 914 truck also found following the Mahindra testing truck.




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