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Hyundai Motor India, a subsidiary of South Korean giant, Hyundai Motor Corporation, is a house hold name in Indian passenger car space. Hyundai, after tasting success in the passenger car segment, is now reportedly planning to enter the Indian Commercial Vehicle market. This is not the first time the news has propped but is the third time such a news is emerged.

First, it was in the year 2008, Hyundai first announced its interests to enter Indian Commercial vehicle market. Caparo Vehicle Products India, then announced its plans to enter the luxury bus segment in India with technical agreement with Hyundai. Both the companies signed a technical pact and plan was to set up an assembly plant in India. Infact factory site was finalised between Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu and Nellore in Andhra Pradesh.

Hyundai Aero Express
Hyundai Aero Express

The product identified then was Aero Bus, a 12m single axle coach powered by 320hp Hyundai E3/E4 engines. But later due to global economic melt down, the plan was dropped and after which there wasn’t any news about it.

Hyundai - Caparo JV
Hyundai – Caparo JV

Then second time in the year 2011, there was a news about Hyundai eyeing, Indian LCV market. Infact the news was aired by ET Now, mentioning test mules are under testing. The product identified was  a heavy bus but H100, a 1T Small Commercial Vehicle. But both didn’t materialise.

Now again news has emerged again that Hyundai is planning to enter Indian market (Source Auto Car Pro). Though there is no clarity on the segment in which Hyundai will enter, its a speculation that Hyundai use LCV as a window for its entry.

Unlike 2008, the Indian premium coach market is now fully occupied with global biggies like Daimler, Volvo and Scania. And Hyundai’s premium coach products like Universe is not that attractive and may not pose serious competition to Indian and global MNC either in specification or interms of brand value. And the volumes of the coach segment is simply nothing attractive for a company to test its waters. Similarly its heavy truck line up like Xcient seems to be too futuristic for India.

Hyundai Xcient range
Hyundai Xcient range

Hyundai Mighty for India?

Hyundai MighyHyundai Mighty

As informed unlike M&HCV line up, Hyundai’s LCV line up pretty strong and have good presence across many middle east and south Asian markets. Its also to be known that Hyundai LCV were one among the benchmark products during the development of Tata Y1 aka Ultra series. So the product considerations could be Mighty or H100

Hyundai H100
Hyundai H100

So considering all possibilities Hyundai may plan to enter Indian market with its LCV line up like H100 a 3 tonner and Mighty 5 tonner. Additionally Hyundai also has a panel van H350. Unlike M&HCV the LCV segment volumes are close to 5 lk units per annum and is currently dominated by Tata Ace in the Sub 1T segment and Mahindra in the pick up segment.

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