Ashok Leyland is one on the largest logistics vehicle supplier to Indian defence forces and more than 65000 Stallion 4×4 trucks are sold till now. While the reliability and durability of Stallion was a prime factor in getting repeat orders, the underlining fact was the excellent back end support provided by Ashok Leyland, kept the trucks moving. These trucks were tested in one of toughest conditions in India, say the first day they will be driven in extremely hot weather conditions at over 50 deg in Thar and the immediate next day they will be air lifted to Leh and will be tested at sub Zero temperatures. In order to train Jawans, earlier physical trucks were used and training were given in actual terrains and Ashok Leyland’s driver training Institutes. Jawans need to travel across locations to get trained.

Ashok Leyland Stallion MK IV simulator
Ashok Leyland Stallion MK IV simulator

Now in order to save time and efforts in giving training across terrains, Ashok Leyland has introduced Driver Simulator based on Stallion Mk IV. Developed in partnership with Ashok Leyland’s defence partner SAAB Sweden, offers one of the most sophisticated driving experience and uses high end software to simulate the real life driving conditions.

Col (Retd) R S Sirohi, AGM Defence was there to take us through the simulator, which was on display during the Ashok Leyland Expo held on 21st April.  “The simulator is based on Agile 3 DOF motion based platform, this offers near to driving conditions. The gear shift effort, braking distance, steering response, acceleration are measured and the same is exactly replicated in the simulator. This means the ergonomics are same and gives actual driving feeling” added Col. The simulation is so perfect that, through all around LED TV’s, the driver sees the actual road through rear view mirror and even through side quarter glass. Even when the ignition is switched on, the tacho meter works as per the accelerator input.

There is an Instructor cabin and he has a control over the simulation. He could introduce another entity, say a car, motor cycle, auto rickshaw, which will help Student gets trained to real life situation. The terrain can be varied with five choices from highway to off highway like deserts, forest and high altitude roads and City. Unlike other commercially available simulators which uses terrains which aren’t realistic, the software used by Ashok Leyland is so close to Indian driving conditions, which means you could see large format banners of our Prime Minister in highway. The simulator is currently under use with Artillery centre, Nasik and they have expressed their extreme satisfaction on this. Ashok Leyland will be able to commercially supply this to Army in case there is a request raised from them.

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