Scania City and Sub-Urban buses now available with carbon fibre composite tanks.

Scania is extending the operational range of its gas buses. Scania’s buses and bus chassis can now be ordered with a CNG tank volume of up to 1,875 litres, one-tenth more than the previous maximum capacity. In spite of this greater capacity, the new carbon fibre composite tanks are lighter than earlier with the potential for increasing passenger capacity.

“Cities and regions around the world are increasingly taking measures to curb pollution and reduce carbon emissions. Switching to gas propulsion is an attractive alternative, reducing not only emissions but also noise,” says Karin Rådström, Head of Buses and Coaches at Scania.

As cities expand geographically into growing suburban areas, commuters need to travel longer distances. In fact, suburban bus transport currently accounts for three times greater fuel volume than city centre transport. With the new gas tanks, Scania Citywide Low Floor and Scania Citywide Low Entry with 1,260-litre tanks will have a range of approximately 400–450 kilometres, depending on the traffic situation, topography and gas fuel quality. The top-of the-range 1,875-litre tanks will primarily benefit articulated buses, which can achieve a range of 600–700 kilometres, also depending on traffic and fuel quality.

Scania Interlink

Scania Interlink

“Operators can rest assured that they will have sufficient fuel for the transport assignment without the need for refilling,” says Håkan Björk, Director, Strategic Sales & Key Account Management.

For bus chassis, Scania offers tanks with volumes 1,260, 1,575 and 1,875 litres. These tank volumes are also available for Scania Citywide Low Floor and Scania Citywide Low Entry, Scania Citywide Low Entry Suburban as well as the Scania Interlink Low Decker.

Type 4 CNG tanks do not contain any metal in the structural design. They have a plastic container and the entire tank is wrapped with carbon fibre and covered with a resin coating. As a result, type 4 CNG tanks are extremely light and due to the very thin wall, they have more capacity compared to other types of CNG tanks that have similar dimensions.

Scania Interlink and Citywide

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