Scoop : Ashok Leyland 12M with disc brakes

Ashok Leyland 12M with front disc brakes

Ashok Leyland has been continuously bringing new features to its flagship passenger model 12M like electro magnetic retarder, full air suspension, tubeless radials, Automated transmission and now we see the addition of much anticipated front disc brakes. CV, has been bringing to its readers all new updates from the industry and here we present, yet an another Exclusive.

Seen here is a 12M, 4/157 – 225 HP variant with a disc brake running with SRS Travels, in the Coimbatore – Bangalore route. We understand 10 such buses are fitted with disc brakes and is running across various locations. The bus has covered more than 1 lk Kms of operation and is under long term validation, which is a part of company’s strategy before releasing it to field. As per the driver, the braking is much precise and the bus stops with confidence without any side sway. Also deceleration is much quicker and along with retarder reduces the stopping distance considerably.  The bus is fitted with JK Jetway JUL 1, 295/80 R 22.5 tubeless radials, has an electromagnetic retarder as a standard fitment and rear drum brakes. Bus has an impressive turn around time of 6.5 hours between Coimbatore and Bangalore.

Disc brake system has a single caliper, solid rotor and is pneumatically operated.

In our view, this is a welcome move and with the addition of more such features, 12M will continue to be an entry barrier for competition in its segment and Intercity application. Apart from safety, addition of disc brakes will improve turn around time considerably, which is considered to be a crucial key user factor.



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  1. AL’s brake from the days of 4×2 Comet was the best in market. It still is the best across all its segments – LCVs, ICVs and M&HCVs, however few other player like BharatBenz, Mahindra have now caught up and currently on par. Great to see AL’s willingness to improve something that is already good and be the best in market.

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