Since April 1st, When the BS IV emissions has come in place, we are seeing a chain of launches from various manufacturers. Starting from BharatBenz to Ashok Leyland and Eicher every manufacturer had launched trucks and buses with their own strategy to achieve BS IV emission. While BharatBenz has chosen SCR, as its the way Daimler have migrated to Euro IV emission in past, Ashok Leyland has chosen EGR for its own competitive reasons. Eicher has just launched 5000 series with EGR otherwise it offers SCR for its VE DX5 and VE DX8 engines driven 6000 and 8000 series. Tata Motors, has currently two engines in its portfolio, the older 697 engines and Cummins iSBe engine and continue to offer both EGR and SCR options.

As its knows, Tata’s engine emission strategy goes with the way how Cummins have migrated to Euro IV in past. Cummins has in-depth expertise and understanding of BSIV equivalent norms by virtue of its experience across the globe in geographies like Europe, United States and have experienced implementation of similar and more stringent emission norms for past few decades.  With the global leanings from Cummins and Indian understanding from Tata, Tata motors have decided to offer both SCR and EGR technology based trucks to Indian market.

Duty Cycle Dependent

Since one vehicle model can be used for different applications and have different duty cycles, similarly these engines with different technologies will be used to derive maximum benefit for different applications and duty cycles. Tata has claimed EGR will be suitable for low or medium duty cycles such as city bus applications, short to medium haul rated load applications. Tata has first supplied its LPO 1613 BS IV buses with 697 engine to Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Chennai in 2014. Also company claimed SCR technology will be better for heavy duty cycles such as long haul heavy trucks & tractors, intercity bus.

Going by the logic TML has opted for EGR technology for the entire range of SCVs, LCVs, ICVs and MCVs up to 160HP power nodes, the range in which EGR is most suitable from technological, economic, performance and reliability points of view, as per Tata. For HCVs, ranging from 180HP to 400HP power nodes covering the entire range of Multi axle trucks, tractor trailers and tippers, TML has chosen SCR technology .

Current product split between EGR and SCR

  1. 697 Cri6 EGR engine 
    1. LPT/LPK/SK 1613 will have EGR system
  2. Cummins ISBe 5.9, ISbe 6.7, ISle 8.9 engine 
    1. LPT/LPK 1615,
    2. LPK 1618,
    3. LPT/LPK 2518,
    4. LPK 2523,
    5. LPT/LPK 3118,
    6. LPT 3718,
    7. LPS 3518/4018/4923,
    8. PRIMA range of trucks, tippers and tractors will have SCR system

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