Tata LPO 1623 Automatic BRTS

Tata motors is one the the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in world and is largest in India. Tata stands tall in terms of overall sales, and is No.4 in global bus sales and No.5 in global truck sales. In India, Tata is present in every single application and have ensured its dominance as well. The MHCV Cargo segment demand has picked up due to pre-buying on account of expected price increase led by BSIV implementation from 1st April. Overall sales of Tata Motors’ M&HCV were at 15,031 nos. in February 2017, a growth of 1%, over February 2016.

Bus sales

Now interms of bus sales, Tata motors has done wonders and made a huge comeback in sales. Specifically in heavy buses sales has improved more than 50%. Tata motors is picking up continuous orders from various STU’s across India and this is clearly showing in the sales chart.

Tata Motors Bus sales

In case of ICV buses there is a dip upto 13% and overall the improvement is upto 21% for the year 2016-17. This momentum is likely to continue this month as well and Tata will for sure finish the year with good numbers.

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  1. The upswing in sales of Tata motors buses are courtesy of purchase by STUs. Tender process involves lot of bureaucracy, yet to see TML penetrate the private bus segment.

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