UD Trucks is a leading Japanese truck manufacturer and was established in Japan in 1935, and became a part of the Volvo Group in 2007. UD Trucks has established its headquarters in Japan and expanded its sales network in Japan and more than 60 countries worldwide. The Indian made VECV’s new range Pro series are all an extension of UD Trucks and they share cabs and many parts with UD.

UD Trucks is ready to launch Croner, its all-new medium duty truck. Named after the god of time in Greek mythology, Croner is engineered to help customers stay ahead of the competition, through the simple concept of saving time Understandably Croner is  developed specifically for growth markets across Asia, Africa, Middle-East and South America. Croner should be a reliable and versatile truck range built with robust components and uncompromising quality that delivers extra productivity and superior uptime. It will cater to a wide range of applications to help meet the varying needs of our customers in growth markets. Croner will join the already existing Condor range of medium duty trucks along with Quester and Quon range of heavy trucks.


Designed to excel in the medium duty segment to compete in growth markets, Croner’s superiority comes from the best of three worlds – strong Japanese heritage and craftsmanship, the Volvo Group’s global technology system, and local gemba approach in manufacturing, sourcing and support. UD Trucks will also provide extensive customer service and service sales packages with the launch of Croner.

The truck, to be built at a Thai assembly plant of Volvo, will be sold in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. In the future, vehicles tailored to different regions will be produced at UD’s Saitama Prefecture headquarters and at Volvo plants in South Africa and Thailand.UD currently has around 18% market share in Japanese market and is aiming to reach 20% with new launches.

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