Eicher Pro 1000 Pro 3000

VECV is doing extremely good in sales and is growing more than the Industry average which is around 10% – 12%. While most other competition is showing negative growth, VECV is recording healthy sales MoM. Company have grown by 30 percent in the first four months and will have a healthy growth in the coming months. Buoyed with the good reception for its Pro- Series, VECV plans to add more products under Pro- Series.

In the month of August, commercial vehicles registered a growth of 7.67 percent in cumulative sales of April-August 2016-17 at 271,805 units compared to 251,750 units in the same period last year. However, the MHCV segment grew by 4.4 percent at 112,916 units compared to 108,151 units in the cumulative sales of April-August 2016-17.

Last year the company have sold around 52,000 units of trucks and buses and expects better sales this year as well.  The growth is clearly due to the launch of new products like Pro-Series which are technically advanced and have many first in segment features like Cruise Control, fuel coaching etc.

Looking forward company may also look for expansion of its Pithampur factory from current 5500 units a month to 7000 units a month.


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